Fancy Snowboarding

From the creators of Fancy Pants Adventures comes Fancy Snowboarding. It has the same graphics and fast paced game flow as the adventure game, only this time, much more frantic.

Fancy Snowboarding

This time Fancy Pants Man is riding a snowboard! He gets moving along pretty swiftly, and it is your job to quickly draw lines for him to ride on and jump off of to clear obstacles and get big air. He’ll flip and grab and even land without crashing on his own. You just need to be quick with your mouse to draw lines to the right places.

I’ve only played through half of the 8 levels so far. They’re all pretty short, but they have some kind of hidden items to get. I have no idea what any of them are for yet, but I like the challenge of trying to get them anyway. It can be a frustrating game, but there are some nice things Fancy Pants Man will do to make it a bit easier, like defy gravity on a hastily drawn line so he goes the right way…sometimes.

It is also available on the iPhone and iPad, but not on Google Play, bummer. It’s a quick, fun game. So get to drawing!

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