Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2 is actually more like part three of a great tower defense series of games from IriySoft. Also on Armor Games are their other two great Cursed Treasure games. The second of those two is a level pack, but it’s worthy of being treated as a full game itself.

The premise of the game is a bit of a role reversal. You control the Orcs, Undead, and Demons against the siege of Humans. The game is simple to understand, yet there is a large selection of towers, upgrades, skills, and enemies. All the goods of a solid Tower Defense game are intact. You have gems that need to be kept from the enemies, the enemies follow a predetermined path, you buy towers with gold that automatically fire, and you can cast spells in specific places on the map using mana.

Cursed Treasure 2

Each of the three classes of towers can be upgraded into eight different, more powerful towers. Starting with the second upgrade to the tower, you get to choose which type of tower it will ultimately become. For instance, an Undead Crypt tower can grow into either Dreadful Crypt (has a chance to frighten enemies, making them retreat for a bit) or a Frosty Crypt (can possibly freeze an enemy, rendering them motionless for a bit.) These upgrades become more available as you get deeper into the game.

There are so many cool little additional features this game has, I can’t cover them all here, so I’ll mention one more thing: the skills. As you conquer each level, with a star rating system (one star for beating the level with some gems missing, two for keeping all your gems, and three for keeping your gems untouched by the enemy), you will earn skill points. Those points can buy you upgrades in a total of 33 specific skill sets. Each of those skills can be upgraded five levels.

The skills section is divided into the three classes: Orc, Undead, and Demon. You begin by decreasing tower recharge time, increasing range and damage. Those unlock other skills, such as damaging enemies carrying gems, cheaper upgrades, and even allowing your base to grow charges that will fire at the approaching enemy.

Other features I haven’t covered here are Mana and Gold mines, enemy buildings to conquer, spells to cast, playing levels in daylight or at night, sacred stones, badges, dropped items, and more!

All in all, this game is, as I see it, the perfect tower defense game. It’s pretty difficult to master, but also pretty easy to casually play. Go check it out at Armor Games!

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