Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons, bloons, bloons! If you enjoy tower defense games, you must check out the Bloons Tower Defense series. Chances are that you already have. With each edition of the game, Ninja Kiwi just keeps adding more and more good stuff. Beware, this is a highly addictive game. In fact, the game has some advice programmed in, noting that you should remember to stop playing sometimes to do normal life activities.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Bloons Tower Defense games, let me give you a little intro. Monkeys have always been the main focus of bloon popping in this series. You may have also played some of the normal Bloons games, where you pop a pre-arranged layout of bloons in a level by level format. Monkeys throwing darts, that’s the foundation.

Bloons TD 5

Now, the basic tower is your standard dart-throwing monkey. He can be upgraded (as can every other tower) as many as six times. There are two upgrade paths from which to choose. Those paths are unlocked with game experience as well as individual tower experience. There are 17 towers you can use. Included in those are Ninja Monkeys, Glue Gunners, Monkey Buccaneers, Spike Factories, the famous Super Monkeys, and many more. If you haven’t seen a super monkey in action, save up and buy one. They are well worth it!

As you can see, the array of towers is impressive. The game has 22 different maps, each of which can be played in six different modes (including Sandbox), and you can reverse the path of the bloons! There are daily challenges, special missions, and you can save up monkey money to buy special agents, which are a one-time use weapon that causes mass destruction. Monkey money also buys specialty buildings and premium upgrades.

Bloons TD 5 02

This game has enough to keep you busy for weeks! It’s a great game, and if you create an account with Ninja Kiwi, you can save your games and progress as far as you like.

What are you waiting for? Go play Bloons Tower Defense 5!

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