Abobo’s Big Adventure

This game is wonderful! Abobo is apparently the name of one of those tough boss guys in Double Dragon. You know, Double Dragon from the old NES? That street fighting game that got crazy difficult? At least for me it did.

Well now you get to control Abobo, and fight a myriad of famous, and not so famous, Nintendo baddies from the past. Just in this screenshot you’ll see a Goomba and at least one Double Dragon bad guy. I’m not sure about the other dude. There are so many old school Nintendo references and characters here, it’s out of control!

It’s a great game, and each bad guy, as you hit them, will display a name in the corner, so if you get a chance to peek at it while fighting, you’ll be even more entertained. Just like the games of the past, the difficulty in this game is much greater than most games I post up on this site. It has plenty of achievements and unlockables, and lots of weird little things thrown in for no apparent reason.

Good luck, and enjoy the nostalgia!

Abobo's Big Adventure

Play Abobo’s Big Adventure for 8 bit madness.

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