Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 2 at Big Fish GamesIf you like poker, but don’t want to risk your own money, and even enjoy a bit of a storyline, this is the game for you!

The game takes place in Texas, where poker has been outlawed! Luckily, you can still play. Okay, I don’t really remember the storyline, but it’s something like that. The game play focuses around poker, naturally. Your job is to buy enough buildings in each town, and beat enough top poker players all over Texas to prove to the governor that poker can do some good. I’m not sure the story stands up to many moral tests, but hey, you get to have some fun playing through it.

Governor of Poker Achievements

The game, as I mentioned, focuses on the poker, and the play in the game is quite easy and intuitive. The characters have great animations to show emotions to show whether they are doing well, or struggling to stay at the table. The property side of the game doesn’t do a whole lot at first, but eventually, you will have a decent income flowing each day from all of your collected properties.

Governor of Poker CustomizationI haven’t played too far through the game (because of my shameful skills), so there may be more than I’m alluding to here. There is another aspect that I’ve seen, and it’s the customization of your character. Really, when you’re playing, all you see is a bunch of hats, which is kind of a cool style twist. So naturally, you can buy many different hats. The good news is you can be male or female as well.

It’s a fun game, and pretty challenging for a non-poker player like myself. It can easily eat up a lot of your time, and even be pretty frustrating if you keep losing in the same tournament. But give it a try for an hour and see if you like it!

As usual, click here, or any picture, to give Governor of Poker 2 a try.

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