The End

The End is a weird little platformer game created by Preloaded. You get to custom design your character and you can even connect to Facebook so you can track what your friends are doing in the game. It has some short levels that increase in difficulty pretty quickly. At the end of each level, you play a little board game against a huge boss. If you win, you get a strange object.

That’s about all I know so far. I haven’t beaten the game yet. There are heavy questions about life and death in the game that you answer with a yes or no. Your answers will determine your place on the Death Dial and show you which famous minds you are most alike. That makes sense for a funny little platformer, right?

The End

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention is your control of shadows. If you are in a shadow, you can break your shadow free from your body and run around on level shadows that act as ground for your shadow guy. That sounds confusing, it will make sense when you play the game.

Play The End here.

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