Turret Wars

I was just going through old bookmarks and ran across this game that I used to play a lot. It’s a good old tower defense game. You may find it’s very similar to the layout of Desktop Defender, but with more of an actual military style to it.

There are four difficulty levels and only three landscapes, but there is plenty of challenge here to keep you busy for a while. It doesn’t have achievements or cool little things to keep you coming back for more, so this may be a slightly less addictive approach to tower defense. 🙂

Turret Wars

See those three red spots forming a triangle? Those are the lasers. You need to buy three of them and place them in a triangle relatively spread out to activate them. When I first bought one, it just sat there, I was a bit confused. But now I know that they are well worth the money needed to buy them.

Play Turret Wars at Big Fish Games.

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