Titan Lunch Retaliation

Here’s another beauty of a game from Adult Swim. Not unlike Robot Unicorn Attack, this is another distance game. They do have other fun games, I promise, I just happen to keep hitting up their distance games.

I love how Titan Lunch Retaliation starts. There’s a three frame comic showing a bird thing stealing the main character’s lunch. He gets ticked off and decides to retaliate (see how the title comes together?) by running and jumping off of a hill to chase down the thief. While in the air, he grapples floating eyeballs and other weird creatures, kills them and launches off of them to keep flying toward his destiny!

Titan Lunch Retaliation

There are bosses along the way, all kinds of upgrades, and achievements! The game play is pretty basic too, either a click of the mouse to grapple into action, or the space bar, and nothing else is needed.

Play Titan Lunch Retaliation at Adult Swim Games.

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