Sleepy Stu’s Adventure

Sleepy Stu is a platformer with some cool tweaks. Stu is a sleepy guy (I think he’s a ghost) living in a loud city. He decides to move out and try to find a quiet place where he can get some sleep.

Along the way, you’ll guide Stu through small platforming levels. Some cool tweaks are abilities gained. One is that you’ll be able to walk straight off of a platform and stay level to the ground you came from. If you jump, it’s normal, but walking will let you hover. You’ll also learn to stick to ceilings. These abilities make the gameplay more relaxing, but also more challenging when the levels get trickier.

Sleepy Stu

The levels are all small one-screeners, but man they get tough! At a point through the game, Stu gets really sleepy and can’t do many of his abilities. You have to pick the ones to use to get you through the level. Or if you’re lazy like me, there is an auto-pick for those abilities.

Play Sleepy Stu’s Adventure at Mo Fun Zone.

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