Dillo Hills

I enjoy finding new types of games. Of course I love all the classics too, but something fresh is always a little exciting. Dillo Hills is a type of game I’ve never played before. You control the sliding and flight of one of a few animal characters.

There is a little story line at the beginning showing some critter (maybe a hedgehog, I’m not really sure) looking at birds and wishing he could be up there in the sky. Then he figures out he can slide down hills and launch off of them. I haven’t tried to do this myself, I’ll get back to you on whether it really works.

So you slide down hills and launch into the air. To get higher and faster, you’ll need to dive down at just the right time to hit a down slope and launch again. It’s a fun rhythm game.

Dillo Hills

The game ends when your critter runs out of happiness. That’s pretty awesome, they get happier with more smooth jumps, but lose some happiness when the landing is rough.

Play Dillo Hills at Big Dino.

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