Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Here’s another pretty addictive tower defense game! Bubble Tanks Tower Defense comes from the Asteroids-like game by the name of Bubble Tanks. I’ll probably blog about that at some point.

Bubble Tanks TD is a mix of other tower defense games like Desktop Defender and Ghost Hacker. It’s got a map where you can pick the level you want to play, and each level has a pretty basic layout that you can customize however you choose.

The types of towers in this game are pretty vast. You always start with a basic tower, but then you have many options of how to upgrade it. Once fully upgraded, if you have a block of 4 upgraded towers, you can make a mega tower. And then the best, which I put in this picture, is the mega-mega tower!

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Now, to get this screenshot, I enabled the Mega Cheat Mode. That gave me unlimited spending money, and unfortunately, that mega-mega tower wouldn’t even let enough creeps through to see any of them. There’s also an FML mode if you want to be challenged so much that you smash your face on your desk. Have fun!

Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense at Armor Games.

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