The Impossible Quiz

This is a golden oldie. There are many more installations of this game, which I’ll get to later on. Still building up a good list of games on this here site.

The Impossible Quiz is close to impossible. It’s so long and so random that you’ll likely give up long before it ends. I always do. Some questions are simple logic problems, some are jokes, and others seem to have no rhyme or reason to them. One question actually uses the Wingdings font that nobody ever uses in Microsoft Word. I, being a nerd, took the time to translate them to find out what they actually said.

The Impossible Quiz

There are cheat sheets online, but see how far you can make it before giving up. I guess there really are explanations to each answer. Some are right in there with my weird sense of humor. Play with a friend and see who gets the jokes, it’s usually more fun that way.

Play The Impossible Quiz at Addicting Games.

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