The Fool

The Fool TitleThe Fool is a big adventure game from Big Fish Games. You are a red headed fool in medieval times who is out to find the easy way to get things he wants, like the princess.

Just like any good medieval story, there is a dragon, knights, a king, and as mentioned before, the princess. You’ll be going around villages, caves, graveyards, trains, and much more in search of items that will help you find the dragon and get your prize.

There are quite a few hidden item searches in this game. Typically you will be looking for one key item, and of course about a dozen other objects to give you more of a challenge. When you’re not looking for well cloaked items, you’ll be looking for new outfits, figuring out riddles, and doing a small amount of deciding what your next move needs to be.

The Fool - Hidden Objects

The music in this game is very fitting. It actually reminds me a bit of the Fable soundtrack, the first in a series of games for the XBox and XBox 360.

I’d say the difficulty is easy to moderate. When you start the game, you can choose between two difficulty levels. I think the only real difference is that in the more difficult option, there is less highlighting of your next place you need to look.

The Fool - Characters

I’ve played a handful of games like this now, and The Fool is a quality product. The pace of the game is about right, the challenges are moderate and the puzzles have an option to skip them after a small amount of time. That’s another change in the difficulty, is that you’ll have more time to try and figure out puzzles before getting the option to skip them with the harder difficulty.

The Fool - Puzzle

Overall I have really enjoyed this game. The game is pretty inexpensive, and even cheaper if you’re a Game Club member at As with all of their games, you can download a free trial and play it for a full hour before deciding if you want to buy the game.

So take a little time and get to know The Fool!

The Fool - Cut Scene

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