I’ve started to see some games of this style lately. I quite like them, but I have no idea what how to categorize them.

In Obechi you collect dots by clicking and holding to grow a ring that will grow with time. When the click is released, the dots will be collected by the mouse ring. It has very simple graphics and a pretty straight forward style of gameplay. The tricky part is collecting just the right amount of dots and planning your moves so you can use the right number of clicks for each level.


You’ll need to pay attention to the rings and dots required for each level, since it is rarely required to collect every dot. The challenge of the game is to beat it in under 5 minutes, so it’s a nice quick game that will have you coming back for more to beat your old scores.

Obechi is available in a few places. Click the picture for the game’s home site. I’ll put links to the Facebook version and the iPhone/iPod version below.

Click here to play Obechi on Facebook.
Click here to buy Obechi for your iPhone or iPod for 99¢.

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