Flash Element TD

I love tower defense games. That’s what the TD stands for in Flash Element TD. I bring you 2 games in this post.

The first game, Flash Element TD, is a fun game. Its graphical presentation certainly isn’t the best, but give it a shot, and it will entertain you for a little time.

It’s your job to make sure the creeps don’t make it all the way around the path. Place different types of towers around the path to stop all the creeps. You’ll upgrade tower powers and research new towers to reach your full potential.

Flash Element TD

Now for the sequel! Flash Element TD 2 is the very appropriate title for this one. This game is great. It has much more information than its predecessor, great graphics, and entertaining sounds.

In this version, instead of keeping the creeps from making a full lap, you are trying to keep them from getting to the end and back. That gives each of your towers two chances to beat up the creeps. If they make it to the end, they’ll steal your elements that allow you to build new towers. There are only five basic types of towers in this version. Each has four upgrades available as well as a higher powered version, also with four upgrades to use.

Flash Element TD 2

The first map is pretty manageable. The other two get really tough really quickly. I struggle with each of them. Let me know if you come up with a winning strategy!

Play Flash Element TD at Free Web Arcade.
Play Flash Element TD 2 at Kongregate.

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