Fancy Pants Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventures is a great looking game. You control Fancy Pants Man in Squiggleville, running real fast, jumping and flipping onto platforms while collecting spiral things and trying to avoid various bugs and critters. That pretty much sums it up!

I do enjoy the randomness in this game. The gameplay physics are great, the animation is very entertaining, yet it’s all very simple and clean.

In World 1 you play through a few levels and it’s over. There are some very random little trophies to collect, so you can play through a few times.

Fancy Pants Adventures World 1

World 2 brings you some more levels and a bigger experience overall. It still has weird little trophies, so don’t worry about that. I actually haven’t played through too much of it. While I was grabbing some images for this post, I noticed that Fancy Pants Man got bored and fell asleep waiting for me.

Fancy Pants Adventures World 2

The game’s creator is Brad Borne, and he scored big recently. He landed a deal to get a full blown version of the game onto XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. It’s set to be released Spring of 2011 and can be previewed here: Fancy Pants Adventures Home. You can even play a portion of the game right now.

Click here to play World 1 at Armor Games.
Click here to play World 2 at Armor Games.

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