Peggle Deluxe

Peggle Deluxe at Big Fish GamesPeggle is a game that everybody who I’ve shown to has enjoyed. It’s a highly addictive, easy to learn game. You simply aim and shoot. It’s a simple Plinko style game where you shoot a little metal looking ball onto numerous pegs and objects, trying to hit every orange peg.

There are plenty of levels, and in each one you are guided by a Peggle Master who has a special ability. Some abilities are shot guide, fireball, and flower power. Each ability will (or at least should when used right) help you to clear more pegs, score higher, or win extra balls. After playing through the entire Adventure mode, the Challenge mode will unlock. There are so many challenges that you’ll be coming back over and over to try and beat them all.

What I like about Peggle is that it’s a quick pick-up-put-down type of game. You can spend a few minutes playing one level and be done, or sit down for hours trying to master your ball shooting skills.

Peggle Deluxe

Just be careful who you let play the game. I have this game on my ipod as well, and I let my niece and nephew play it. During the rest of that trip, I struggled to get any personal use out of my ipod, they were begging for it every free minute they had.

Peggle Deluxe Extreme Fever

Overall this is a great game that I’ve enjoyed playing now for over four years. Go check it out and let me know if you’re the first person I’ve heard of who doesn’t enjoy it! Peggle Deluxe is available for PC and Mac. Try it free for an hour before you choose whether to buy it!

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