Knightfall is a fresh new take on gaming. It’s an idea that I haven’t seen before, and it’s refreshing. You’re a knight in shining armor (armour if you’re not in the USA) out to slay dragons and warlocks, and most importantly, go through doors.

In order to do all of that, you need to spin the playing board 90 degrees at a time and drill down to different enemies, spells, chickens, and said doors. You’ll click groups of blocks to move things around, and eventually line up your knight to drill down onto stuff.

Play Knightfall at Armor Games

The game has two modes and cool little parts to the story line that show up from time to time. I didn’t know when I started, but this game also has plenty of achievements to work on. Be sure to click on enemies to learn about how they attack you, because that can hurt.

Play Knightfall at Armor Games.

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